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The Legg Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of consumers and has represented hundreds of consumers victimized by unfair, abusive and predatory business practices.

We promote justice for consumers by demanding a fair marketplace. We forcefully protect the rights of consumers, especially those of modest means who normally do not have any recourse. We are committed to fighting the frivolous defenses employed by major corporations to delay and deny justice. Major corporations not only nickel and dime and take advantage of their customers on a daily basis, they have also attacked the consumer protections that are intended to keep them honest. They have dismantled federal regulations and use these pro-corporation laws to preempt the state consumer protection laws that still remain.

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Legg Law represents persons in group and class actions in a wide range of cases and individuals in cases involving substantial personal or economic injuries. Your sending an email does not contractually obligate our firm to represent you. We can only serve as your attorney if both you and our firm agree, in writing, that we will serve as your counsel.

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Legg Law has opened an office in San Mateo California

Legg Law successfully argued a case before the Maryland Court of Appeals, Finch v. LVNV Funding LLC. The court held judgments obtained by unlicensed debt buyers are void.


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