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Legg Law Firm, LLP. is a Consumer Rights Firm with offices in California and Maryland .It is and has been a leader in consumer protection actions involving financial issues that consumers face when they use credit cards or buy cars, homes or other items for their personal, household or family use or protecting their rights if there is a repossession, foreclosure or action filed against the consumer relating to a credit card debt. This includes both individual actions and class actions on behalf a large number of consumers. The firm has successfully represented thousands of consumers in different states for violations of both state and federal laws.

The members of the firm are Janet Legg and Scott Borison. Janet Legg’s experience includes being a clerk for both a federal trial Judge and a state appellate judge. Scott Borison has directed the firm’s class action and consumer practices. As a result of his experience and reputation, he is regularly asked to speak at both state and national conferences on numerous topics. He was rated by fellow lawyers in Frederick as the top consumer, public interest and bankruptcy lawyer in the most recent poll of lawyers. He has also testified in support of consumer rights including the enactment of emergency legislation in Maryland known as the Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act, which is the strongest law of its kind.

The firm has built a solid reputation by hard work and commitment to their consumer clients. It does not represent clients who have interests adverse to consumers.


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Legg Law has opened an office in San Mateo California

Legg Law successfully argued a case before the Maryland Court of Appeals, Finch v. LVNV Funding LLC. The court held judgments obtained by unlicensed debt buyers are void.


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