Get Money for Illegal Calls to You in California and Maryland

In California, you can receive $5,000 per illegal call!

In Maryland, get up to $1,000 for illegal calls!

We can help you in any part of Maryland or California.

We have been successful at making those who make illegal calls pay! Call or email us now because if you wait you could lose your rights.

you can email us at or use the form below.

We are attorneys ready to help you stop harassing phone calls from people you owe, bill collectors, and collection agencies. There are laws to protect you from harassment and illegal actions by callers. Whether you owe anything or not, people you owe, bill collectors and collection agencies can step over the line when they call and harass you. We can help you put an end to it and hold those who are violating the law accountable.

Please give us a call if you have received annoying phone calls in California or Maryland from:

  • Bill collectors
  • Collection agencies
  • Someone you may owe
  • Offer calls
  • Surveys

A California* or Maryland attorney will provide a free evaluation and there are no attorney's fees unless we get you or save you money.

This is not bankruptcy or credit repair.

*Scott C. Borison, Esq., Admitted to Practice in California

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Legg Law has opened an office in San Mateo California

Legg Law successfully argued a case before the Maryland Court of Appeals, Finch v. LVNV Funding LLC. The court held judgments obtained by unlicensed debt buyers are void.


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